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Preventive Telemedicine

Preventive Telemedicine services offered in the Las Vegas, Nevada Area

You’re not alone if you feel rushed every time you see your primary care provider and never get the answers you need. Thomas Sharon, DNP, MPH, ARNP-BC, at In Good Health PC in Las Vegas, Nevada, understands your frustration and offers Preventive Telemedicine so you get the care, time, and attention you expect from your primary care provider. We can find health problems before you become aware.

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Preventive Telemedicine Q & A

What is Preventive Telemedicine?

Preventive Telemedicine is a medical model in which you pay your health care provider directly instead of going through health insurance.

With the traditional health insurance medical model, providers must carry a heavy caseload in order to cover overhead costs. That is why it takes months to get an appointment, and you only spend a few minutes with your provider.

With Preventive Telemedicine, you pay your provider directly. This medical model allows your provider to carry a smaller caseload so they have a more open schedule (can see you without a long wait) and have the time to really get to know you (appointments are never rushed).

Dr. Sharon is a board-certified nurse practitioner who provides primary care services for adults of all ages. He offers Preventive Telemedicine so he can give you the medical care and attention you expect when you visit your health care provider.

What services are available with Preventive Telemedicine?

For a monthly fee, you get a number of health services with Preventive Telemedicine at In Good Health PC. These services include:

  • Monthly telehealth appointments with Dr. Sharon
  • Unlimited calls for medical advice
  • Access to remote patient monitoring (RMP)

Dr. Sharon uses an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) program to remotely monitor your health. The app allows him to track your blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen levels. It also tracks your stress response index (SI), heart rate variability, and recovery score.

You have full access to this advanced technology when you participate in Preventive Telemedicine at In Good Health PC. Dr. Sharon uses the information he gets from these remote monitoring tools to analyze how your lifestyle and various situations affect your health, potentially preventing chronic health conditions or a heart attack. 

What are the benefits of Preventive Telemedicine?

Preventive Telemedicine at In Good Health PC offers many benefits to you and your health. With Preventive Telemedicine medicine, Dr. Sharon has the time to manage your well-being, helping you create the changes that ultimately lead to better health.

Instead of treating your symptoms or disease, Dr. Sharon treats you.

In Good Health PC also provides urgent care through Preventive Telemedicine medicine (fee-for-service), which includes a visit with its healthcare expert and access to the remote patient monitoring tools for one month.

 We can find health problems before you become aware. To start your wellness journey please go to https://ingoodhealth.ai/ 

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